Friday, December 30, 2005

Primus in all there Grapevine Glory

Primus at Vegoose played two great classics; Over the Electric Grapevine and American Life. The two videos can be found at (go to Vergoose and scroll down to Primus) check um out.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

We're swimming!

Me and leo are at his home with the radio playing phish and we happen to be swimming becouse of the tunes which happen to be filling the room with water, and there are a shit load of doves and other birds and a SQUarlle outside. .....GONE PHISHING.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Its really all about the Wall

Though its definetly my least favorite of the Coldplay albums, X&Y does serve as the foundation for the one of the most increadible videos to advetise the music of the band. Speed of Sound I relized today, has the most amazing cinematography and lighting effects. I did some research and found out the the lights were done by a single LED wall. The record braking wall is two stories and is made of 640 LED wires (1 meter long each) and gives a performance which is set to mimic the sound in the storage facility where the wall is kept. I realy do think its the most amazing feat done in the world of lighting effects. The accustics in the storage facility are brilliant as well to allow any amplified sound to worp the wall in a spectacular example of what can be done with lights. If you havn't seen the video before, here it is :

But imagry wise i feel that it puts the stone wall of the holiest Floyd to shame.

His Holyness's Drumset

-14" medium Zildjian Hihat
-Medium (the green thing) LP cowbell
-10" K splas "cracked"
-14" Tama "SwingStar" snare
-9" Yamaha "Rock-tour" custom tom
-22'' Tama "SwingStar" bass
-Gibraltar doublee-bass pedals
-20" K custom "Dark Ride" ride
-16'' Avedis Custom Zildjian crash
-12'' Tama "SwingStar" tom
-13" Tama "SwingStar" tom
-16'' Tama "SwingStar" floor-tom
-Quad set of Low-Pitch Backbeat octobans

Sunday, December 04, 2005