Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You need to note

we've been handed a lot of do something new with it.

In the brisk summer night...

When the road falls…What happens next…Do we plummet into shadow…Or hastily fly…There lying in the shadows…is what we could surpass…does it all slip away so easily…under a placid mauve sky with a chalk dot moon…looming in the wisps of bleach stains in the heavens. Ranting to savor the time, upon two wheels we can glide into infamy…greeting the twilight strangers, the jovial tavern folk, and the brawling bastards of Neanderthal discontent. Them rails will break your heart when they hit that turn, and like a rag doll you’ll go where them pillars of wind toss ya’. Weave the glass Pollok pavement and dodge them yellow strobe strips in the empty suburban two-lane. Beckon others to bay at the moon along side the adolescent figments which occupy your aura. Wing into the unknown and when the road falls you slide on home. Leaving nothing more than the ember of a Winchester sitting in it’s sage knowledge of an evening too soon forgotten, docile and isolated in the ether of asphalt under a pearl moon obscured by the nebulous skies.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Poetry is overated, I ramble- but I do it like fine silk


God let 'em feel Them there
Just let 'em feel Waiting to unravel
Feel Away
There nothing Unraveled
is there?..... Stay thusly
They there, waiting

bridge evaporated-while back
leef me' tel dog (when they don't need me anymore"
but let the unraveled fade
never fall head over heels- for a delusion
after the fray don't dream
don't dream
dreams aren't there
hold yo' up
let me sleep, when they real

ps-fuck elliot

Friday, May 25, 2007

To the Spinning Plate

It is indeed meant for somone unspoken. I had forgotten I had written it, but it is the simple addressing of a current delusion to mend some personal issues. Basicly the simple idea that the individual may stumble accross it and understand it is the sole reason why I put it on there. Thanks for the kind words my friend.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Quick questions

You ever glance in the mirror and see somone else?
Do you know what's disapointing, when you glance in the mirror and see Ewan McGregor, and then you look back and you see yourself.... that's a real let down.

Sleep well....

Do me a favor, fascinate me. When you have that left over feeling, the parties gone and your sitting in the gnats of drizzle falling from a mauve sky, dragging that smoke on long as you can just to find some use of time. You hear only white noise, and you see only lights. My eyes burn when I shut them, a little hum and crackle of cinder over a dry pupil. There is an echo of thoughts about you in the back of my head, and I fall to the delusion that there is something unspoken. An aerial pass over the crescent of flesh, a warm calm becomes the silence. Frequencies ripple forth, and I’m happy just to be lost in this vision of you. It puts a stop to the bleeding of days gone bye; them long savage brutes which constrict like lead serpents, and it all falls away into the chasm I don’t bother to gaze back upon. An inspiration in the abyss of night you sing to me, hues of morning blue and crisp salvation green. Weightless, soaring in my mind, the dream of you drifts like a sifting veil in an angelic tide of winds. Your heading towards greatness you achieved from that first breath. The shackles of life will breath away, like silk sand in your fingertips. You’ll be soaring on high even when you don’t know it. Even now as you bask in sleep, you haunt my dreams, memories, and revelries. Those wings ascend in the night, and I thank whatever god there is that they are eternally soaring. I’ll drift to sleep time and time again, with the spirit of you there, lying in docile beauty, a looming beacon of grace which lets me know that there is greatness in people; a gorgeous reminder that not all of humanity is barren and retched. With more celestial beauty than the brightest street lamp, I breath this inspiration of you, and smile at the fact that you do not need the same of me. The closest thing I will ever know to heaven, is knowing you.