Monday, August 27, 2007

Fond memmories from 'roo

I feel that nothing
Encompasses all that is Bonnaroo like this photo taken of Timbo, who probably has little-to no recollection of it. Mmmm mmm opiates…

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Observing a 10pm Dog Hill and an epiphany

I sat alone, a spectator to a wide abyss of salvation green grass, plummeting downward into the mist which seeped in surfeits in to the world with the veil of night. Upon a the hill I swam in the nostalgias thoughts which barreled through the gaunt fragments of my mind; lost in the visual poetry which lingered in the twilight. There I bore witness to angelic beams which dove through the night and pierced the evening mist, the stifling double wielded flames of justice plunging into the sifting tides of fog, fallowed by the mechanical roar of a night-owl stompin’ in D. As a looming spectator mentally lost, mentally barricaded if you will, after a endless day of chasing geese I left myself. With my mouth a smokestack of billowing camels; my mind drifted as a specter on high from beyond the desolate scraps left after weeks of binging. I transcended, lost in the sublime dream of reality, and succumbed to persistent delirious epiphanies of what life is. Paying homage the hypnotic tide of lights drifting like clockwork in a sea of nebulous twilight tides I realized the beauty that is this fleeting life about us. Every experience is an experience worthy of having, every moment is the final one of its’ kind, and no matter how much you treasure it friends, you’ll never get it back. Brown Day was a theory built upon the days that matter, and the days you feel most alive. In time I have come to question the significance of every other day, every other passing glimpse, every other unnoticed breath which is a world of splendor onto its self. Then came possibley the most monumental mental debris of all, that every moment, no matter how loathed is an experience and thusly a divine miracle. We only get one shot at life kids, and life shouldn’t be wasted on striding for perfection, or working for the weekend, but simply taking time to look around on occasion and bask in the glory all around us. We’re now headed for the brink to end the first era of our own lives, beyond is the main act… smile daily and reminisce in the splendor that is your life, the miracle of the hum-drum and the brilliance and wonder that is reality. In a sigh of conclusion, please my friends acknowledge life, because I assure you with everything in me, it is all ways acknowledging you. Now stop reading this bull and go live you little shit….

With all the love that has ever been,
-His Holiness the Drewbylama