Friday, June 30, 2006

A Better Tale from Bonnaroo

This is the set list from the Les Claypool Fancy Band show at Bonnaroo. Now I first wrote out the amazing story of how we aquired the set list, and while typing relized that we had a copy. What I think happened, Les or the techies made a copy for the sound technitian (who we got it from.) So my hope is that Les made the copy himself, and that is all that is origianl I'm sad to say. As of right now I am realy realy sad. I thought we had a one of a kind. But all we have is a zerox... : (

Growing Evidence

More proof that Cock's zombie walks umong us Primus freaks; Gates also has credits on their most recent DVD Halucino-Genetics Tour 2004 (jesus christ it's been three years!) Its 3:25 in the morning so I'm going to request that you the veiwers write jokes about a dead cock umong the living (bonus points for those who include extra elaments {rigamortise, certin latex articles, ect....})

Monday, June 26, 2006

Stavin' Chain

Monday, June 19, 2006

Bonaroooo Photos

Lewis Black
Les Claypool's Fancy Band
Tom Petty
Dr. John
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones


So I just got back in town from bonnaroo. So in my usual manner I will just state the shows I saw, and then stste that the y were good. Ok they were good.
-Les Claypool
-Bella Fleck and the Flecktones
-Lewis Black
-Patten Oswald
There was lots of hippies, lots of bands, lots of music, drugs, naked people, debris, and heat. But it was fun! I'll be getting back to work with Heliocenticity, and we have planes to get in the ol' studio soon. So now I sleep, but I am bored and I expect you people to satisfy me! Arrrg!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


HOLD THE PHONE! Les lied to the masses. The natoriouse Bob C. Cock, lesser known by his birth name Adam Gates;( as stated in an interview with Claypool shortly after the release of Tales from the Punchbowl), isn't dead! As stated by somone on Claypool's staff; "Bob was a close friend of the band that loved babes and cocaine. Every New Year's Eve, old Bob would perform with the band. Sadly, Bob passed away in the early months of 1999. He had a little too much coke one night, and now he's snorting Satan's Powder AKA Peruvian flake with Jesus H. Christ." HOWEVER, if our good friend Bob was acualy dead, how did he write an article in Primus's latest album's booklet. And even more evidance can be located again in the booklet again. The article could have been written before his death, but how did Adam produce the album from a supposid grave! This means one of two conclutions. A) Adam is a zombie (I like this theory the best.) B) Adam whanted to fade away out of the hazed Primus lime-light, but not entirly. Time will tell, for with time a pungent fishy oder will rise from his walking corpse....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Found Movie Mistake Have I...

So tonight I was watching a great movie, The Machinest which everyone should see. But I have a bad habbit of easily getting bored with movies so I was flipping channels during the slow parts. I landed on Stars Wars 3 at one point and almost flipped the channel (becouse I hate Star Wars) but then relized that it was at Luke and Leha's (or however that slug whore's name is written) birth scene, and dicided to watch. To some up the scene in a few words, bitch dies. But it was at this momment I reclled in the final movie, Luke and Slug ho recall what they remember of there mother. This scene is in the vicinity of when luke reviels to the princess that they are twins; which means all the kinky incest they've been having will result in retarded children that Han Solo will have to father. (Like thats a good idea, get an alcholic mob guy to be the daddy. And while your at it, invite over his follicle life partner; who he probably has had confused drunken homoerotic intercoarse with.) But anyways back to the movie mistake. If the twins are able to remember there mom, this would contradict her death in the birth room; the same one where a droid hollers "But Miss Pademay, I don't know nothin' 'bout bithin' no babies!" Hoho, I wish.

Friday, June 02, 2006

There is another Green Andy?

I stubled across the grapevine one evening and discovered another Green Andy, he's a new york musician who reminds me of our ol' one eyed, top hatted pals. The music he endorses is a variation of trippy shit worth taking a inebriated ear to. You can check him out at