Sunday, May 28, 2006


I have told you all about this comecial and how wierd it is, I saw it at my Grandparents house inOhio, now you can too.

Friday, May 26, 2006

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So Porkcarbohidrates has been a blog for a year now, and have gone through 5 titles! (Vincent and Leslie, Happy Folk Inc., I am Mean Mr. Mustard, The Seamus Show, and Are We Over the Grapevine Yet?) We have become the most pointless blog online (who basicly steeslinks from other pages in order to survive.) We are a para-web-site. So we hope to still rant to you occationaly, and it is summer again so expect WAY more posts than what we have had for the past year. Heres to another upcoming year, and to many more... Cheers!(to both of you.)

Sometimes I like to watch this video to raise my self esteem

Lucky Basterd


PLEASE take a like 50 minutes, and just look at everysingle last photo in this collection. It's a series of wall murals done by four guys. Absolutly increadabl art, each worthy of being in a gallery of great masterpieces! Unforchanetly I couldn't load any of the images on to here but I swear they are worth checking out.

Did you hear the news about Edwaaaaarrdddd.

"On the back of hiss headdd, he haad aanother face. Wassss it a womans face, or a young girlll. They said to remove it would kill him, so pooor Edward was dooomed."
-Tom Waits "Poor Edward" from the album Alice

I post these lyrics becouse this will be this kids high school quote under his senior photo.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


In an odd twist of splendiferouse irony prom wasn't bad. It is true that the parapolygic seniors danced better than I, but I thouroly enjoyed myself. I have gret hopes that in the morn I'll sound like Mr. Waits. O yeah, Diabities sucks cuz yah had a bad day!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006