Wednesday, December 27, 2006


ever been so tired you don't even relize that your not thinking straight?

Third Eye

I got bored today and pulled out the Grey's Anatomy off my shelf and scibbled out some picturs put togethor of the eye. After drawing it I relized that some of them are parts of the eye I've never seen. If somone could tell me what the hell are these things or display them for me, I'll love them forever.

The Evolution of my First lamp:

1) Well first you do a doodle sometime a year ago, of a frog with no front arms and chicken legs:

2) Some time in the months to fallow, give him a fat flying balloon man, front arms and a pot belley with slacks:
3) Somwhere in the vecinity of a year from step one build him, but replace the fat balloon man with a lightbulb from a lava-lamp:

Leo in color...with short hair

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Gabby La La said she may come back!

On Gabby La la's website she recently stated that she was looking for places to tour in 2007, I scent in an e-mail just in case, advicating a trip to louisville, she had this responce:

Dear Drew,thank you so much for writing to me!It is really fun to travel around and visit new places...Travelling with theClaypool is much lovelier than doing it myself, I am sad to say that that ispart of the reason I don't get out much. I will try to visit Louisville again!Any suggestions of venues? I like to play at a knitting store or candy storetoo! Maybey a BBQ spot?happy Holidays,Gabby La La

So if any of you guys can think of any place around that supplies all three e-mail her, or at least let me know so I can e-mail her.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Friday, December 15, 2006

Old Plas....

NO WAY! 1203!

Thats all I could say while watching this guy. He's Mike Mangini; the world's fastest drummer. He holds the current record for drummoing speed with 1203 strokes in one minute. Check out both these videos, it's unbelievable!


So I believe I have found the worlds best drummer. Better than Tim Alexander! You have to watch this!

And be sure to watch this one until the very end!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


This is one of my personal favorites , the others you should be able to zoom up on, what little there is to see. THe other pictures may be posted soon, but I would doubt it. Thanks again to Leo and Tim for a valliant effort, and 1,000,000,000 appollogies for the disaster.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

He's our Syd Barrett in a way...


Though you guys probably have very little influence in the Manual High school or JCPS area, if you have any contacts or anyway of stopping an awful teacher from returning please do so. I've had an awesome chemistry teacher so far this year, and she was meant to replace a very unstable teacher. Mrs. Lechner has thoroughly developed the knowledge of all her pupils, and she is about to be taken away from us because a Mr. Ellis has returned to claim his position starting tommarow. Because we as students have been deprived of all the details, there’s little I can provide to provoke you all to helping. But please do so, this is a major issue! If there is anyone you know who can supply any helpful assistance, have them do all that they can to get Mr. Ellis out and Mrs. Lechner back! I can't stress the importance of this enough, please help me by searching for people of power in the JCPS district and help get Mrs. Lechner back! If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them if I can, but please do something to lend a hand! Seriously, this is of the up most importance!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wolf at the Door

Incase both of you havn't yet heard this, I found this not-to-bad video for Radiohead's Wolf at the Door. Songs great, but the animation's pritty pathetic; but in it's deffince I will say that it resembles the work of a baby that Edward Gorey and Tim Burton would have togethor. In conclution, check it out if you wish.


I think we are to meat Saturday, as such: I'm looking at buying these two itmes for beatboxing. Anywho you guys would know better than I if they would work togethor:

If you see this before then, I'd appreaciate a responce.

Monday, November 20, 2006

A Quick Tom Waits Tale

I gotta go to Ohio, I'll be back friday... I think? But anywho real fast, my mom whent to pick up my preordered Tom Waits album today, the new one: Orphans. And anywho by mistake, the guy behind the counter mistook me for another person who had preordered and handded her a limited edition version, worth around $60 or more (depending on where you go) and charged her the reguler price. So, on toop of it being the new album and limited edition, it's signed by Tom Waits! Thought you may get a simmiler kick out of it that I got. Hoho, sorry I didn't talk to you Christian, I forgot I was Leaving right after school. Hope your doing well- PEAce out!

Manefestation of a Maverick Enigma

So it goes without saying, though I am saying it, that the Bird has stumbled across a beacon of brilliance an geniuses. So this gal' our Katypuss has found is that of indescribable proportions. Her art is innocent, warped, atmospheric, nebulous, Indy, comic, seductive, crude and/or attractive in depiction, and all around charming. This has to be what so many strive-for when it comes to art without guidelines. Honestly, this has to be one of the most stunning and charismatic collections of art by a single individual in a long time. So please, I provoke you to go into the bizarre light, check this mind-blowing gal' out!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Welcome to whatever this is.....

So as you can tell some changes have been made, and they may change a lot. So don't get confused becouse I'm still trying to find a blog type that I enjoy. ANy suggestions feel free to comment.


To both of you who actualy read this, the blog is gonna get a makeover. I'am being forced by the host site to change the format, but I don't think it's gonna be much diffrent for you two. So just to let you know, renavations are going to occure; but we'll still have the archives from the past year and a half. In conclution, bannana retard baby; and don't get confused if you come here some time not long from now and it dosn't look the same. I'll still be here to pointlessly ramble for god knows what reason, and for all I know it may be a good thing that it's gonna happen. Look for a new porkcarbohidrates-blog soon.



Tuesday, November 07, 2006

One more for the road!

Reporter: What kind of plane is it?

Johnny: Oh, it's a big pretty white plane with red stripes, curtains in the windows and wheels and it just looks like a big Tylenol.


Steve McCroskey: [to Mrs. Oveur] Now your husband and the others are alive, but unconscious.

Johnny: Just like Gerald Ford.


Johnny: [plugging back in the runway lights] Just kidding.

Johnny: The tower, the tower! Rapunzel, Rapunzel!

Johnny: Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, Toto! It's a twister! It's a twister!


Ted Striker: Mayday! Mayday!
Steve McCroskey: What the heck is that?
Johnny: Why, that's the Russian New Year. We can have a parade and serve hot hors d'oeuvres...

They never Old!

Steve McCroskey: Get me someone who won't crack under pressure.

Johnny: How about Mister Rogers?


Steve McCroskey: Johnny, what can you make out of this?
[Hands him the weather briefing]

Johnny: This? Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl...

O johnny/jacobs

Steve McCroskey: This fog is getting thicker.

Johnny: And Leon is getting laaaaarrrrrger.

He never gets old...

[the controllers thinking about the people in the hijacked airplane]

Controller #2: They're screwed!

Controller #3: They're dead!

Controller Jacobs: Did I leave the iron on?

Hoho Jacobs

Steve McCroskey: Jacobs, what have you got on Elaine Dickinson?

Jacobs: Well, I'm two inches taller, a better dancer, and much more fun to be with.

O that Jacobs

Steve McCroskey: Jacobs, I want to know absolutely everything that's happened up till now.

Jacobs: Well, let's see. First the earth cooled. And then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they all died and they turned into oil. And then the Arabs came and they bought Mercedes Benzes. And Prince Charles started wearing all of Lady Di's clothes. I couldn't believe it.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dr. Enigma

Sitting in the shade of the trees,
Wishing that he didn't have fleas,
Depurifying the spring time breeze,
Dr. Enigma is not one to please.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Gobs of spit and wind chimes, boylinf curdles of cheese in my backbone, dots where the farmer tore me and a vein that won't go back in. SLiping to the wall made of plugs, hey look it's a wheelbarrow. have some fun with the flash, it's a doozey!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Buy The Information

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Friday, October 20, 2006


on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being worst) how bad is it that I've lost 9 pounds in four days with no exercising? Starting to get scared.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Those crabs I told you about are called japanese spider crabs, heres what I found on these foul creatures you thought I made up. Macrocheira kaempferi has been known for attacking people, but there have been no confirmed fatal attacks.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Falooza and Cosbies

Becouse I have such a great love for "House of Cosbys" I whent on a quest to get as much stuff related to it's greatness as possible. As such I found a couple websites by the groups who collaberated to make "House of Codbys" my favorite being by the guys who did the music. So check these guys out now:

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Monday, October 02, 2006

Let's See....

Let's see, could it possibly be that we nee a cleansing? Not of the racial genocide, but rather simply just a good cleaning of our selves; the people we are, and what we stand for as individuals. Have we lost our innocents through exposure, or is it that we let the exposure dwindle our child like tendencies. Let's all consider things not from a perspective of another being, but rather the unknown that hasn't been chartered in the minds of a mortal. We rely on posetions to the extent that we require others to keep us from being lonely. Which I can understand, spending nights out meeting ol' pals and catching up with a Mellon collie tear in your eye. WE shouldn't need this bitter-sweet satisfaction, but we do need a new perspective. A more progressive view that offers no expansion knowledge-wise other than you are capable of regaining happiness through simple acts that don't need to defend themselves with in-depth purpose rather than just to provide joy. Think about filtering all the reality around you, and looking at reality as if it were a child’s story. Unnecessary, and yet possibly the most relevant and required perspective in these harsh times that are in need of a good slaphappy laugh that has no punch line to cue it. Look at the spectrum in a new light, and consider that we don't need all this, just simplicity that can provide imaginative thoughts that would put any overexposed scientist or theologian to shame. Just smile once in a while, for no reason except that you are happy for a reason just as unexisting.


I'm looking for some people to write in what they know or whant to know about the theory of Brown Days. Spread the word, for I'd really like to hear some thoughts on it and mabey get some sureabral fluids flowing, get some ideas jotted down, and I'd like to use it for the purpose of plaigerizing or collabrotive work on a number of projects I'm currently planning. I whant to know music, imagery, beliefs, personal connections/expieriances, and anything else you got! Please spread the word to anyone/everyone you know who can/could participate! Thanks... w/out doller one to spend..... and a home comming queen.

Take it from the forgranted

IT seams to me that we need to observe what we are submerged in. These modern times happen to be the views held withen frames of great vistions. This surreal enviromeant happens to shelter perfect displays of what can happen when modern industies colide with the natural beatuy all around us. Keep in mind that the world should be viewed as more than what it appears to be. The vast amount of beuty which we take forgranted serves as some of the best reminders as to what life in a Brown day is and can be. We need to respect the detials and wabbi-savi aspects of our wonderful and atmospheric sights. Please observe the connections between pleasure and the place where it takes place, for in retrospect it will be the sight of some of your most uplifting and positive memmories.


When you were a kid did you ever put corn over your teeth and act like a pirate or a pimp? Did anyone here ever concider as a child exactly what time was? Was anyone ever better off as an adult? And why does it have to require a mature adult to allow children to exist? Why is it that we can't maintain our youthful innocence? Why do we neglect the pure joy which could be found in virtouly nothing as we get older? And why does it seam that I've never really grown up? Why do we concern our selves with the most minute aspects of our imperfections? Does anyone take the time to just play a game anymore? Why is it that we can't concider a child's imature nature as something far more brilliant and inspired making it far more mature than discussing important matters? I really don't whant any negative feed back, but I was thinking about human ideas of what was good. And I in all honesty just what positive notes from both of you. O, and just so I can figure this out besides Lucy and Christian (unless they wish to perticipate) leave a comment if you actualy even visit this blog-o-my' know just for shits and giggles.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Though the Eyes of a Bafoon

So, just to be clear for those of you who I intend to read this; it is the poem/lyrics for a song I'd like to write. To all memmbers of whatever that band where in, I'd like for you to think of a song part we could build around this Lewis Caroll-esck poem. Also, I personaly was thinking of the parts (especially the breack downs) of the songs "Pseudo Suicide" and "Army's On Ecstasy," so if you could attempt to be inspired by these parts I'd appreciate it. Also if there are any suggestions no matter how brutal, PLEASE let me know; for I'm not fully satisfied with it as it is right now. Anyway here they are:

Tell me now my Con-con,
Has the shell began to plummet?
Or shall we air yet again,
The brothers reduced to their summit?

Has Hal’ and boys cleaned up their toys,
And swept ’neath the rug,
To keep me from looking like another
Economic thieving thug?

Politics is my game,
And I play fairly well.
Tis a shame for you all,
I’m manifesting an earthly hell!

(Insert some crazy frantic instrumental part here.)

Now gentlemen beware,
This scapegoat in the East.
We’ll capture ol’ ‘dam,
Then dissect his yeast.

(It should be noted that this next paragraph I really don’t like, and I’m looking for suggestions.)
May I have your attention,
From my lying vessel,
I’ll divert your attention briefly,
As Chaney and I wrestle.

Now Rumsfeld remove,
That boy’s finger from that dyke!
Tis a filthy habit,
To be involved with the homo like.
(keep in mind that the dyke is a metaphor/joke for Iraq’s instability, and is making fun of Bush’s dislike for the homosexual type.)

Now as the water breaches,
And chaos in Iraq ensues,
I’ll ironically avert my eyes,
From the drowning city of blues.

Think it’s about that time,
To retreat to the ranch.
In hopes to avoid Iran,
I’ll instead saw off this branch.

I'm honestly looking for suggestions, becouse I'm very aware that its dosn't flow with sylbols. If you have a suggestion send it my way. And Like I said to my fellow band mates, keep those two songs by Oysterhead in mind, for I was thinking about their style and rythm as I wrote it.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Is it so wrong of me to see the name Hitler when I see the word Hi-liter

What in God's Name!?!

Yes that is Tom Waits. Why is he shaking a
maraka while drinking a milk-shake while
wearing a Hawiian flower thing?;
the world may never know.....

God I Miss this Show

I will honestly pay $2 to the first person who can name what amazing show this was before it was tragicly cancelled.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oh God I've Lost My Mind!

I just relized how insane I am. I relized this when I watched the movie "Walking Tall" starring the Rock. Becouse as the credits began to roll, I said to myself that I needed to buy that movie. And I still whant to, becouse I actualy likes it. God frogive me!

A clever Combo-

So I got bored and was diddiling around on the ol' youtube and stubled accross this little gem which I find pritty funny. It may only be funny to those who know both songs/video, sort of like a darkside of the rainbow thing....

Be Advised:!

Content may not always apear as it seams, especially in the land o-green presidents. Keep in mind, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, chances are that it's a penguin. The deprovation of cair rings a requiem like sound that is calling for the blind sided customer. Give 'em a deal, and there bellies are sure to burst, much like snappy the goldfish.
Thats how we shake hands in Canaydia!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Here we go Aain....

So, besides Primus' new DVD and best of CD comming out I came across this segment into the minds of our political citizens. God bless Primusville, oh and this is a real photo from Camden, Maine. Anywho I be tired.... squash sucks, and tubors are not real!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jay wrote back again?

he did, weird. but I don't expect for us to be talking very much anytime soon. He's a cool dude.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blakesburg Contacted me

So I recently purchased the "To Defy the Laws of Tradition" book by Jay Blakesburg and Les Claypool, and in exitment sent his company an e-mail aksing when it should arrive. In a rare twist of events Jay responded himslef rather than having a secratery respond or what have you. I had asked him some questions about working with Tom Waits and Claypool, and Jay answered everyone. So it seamed cool to me but as I type this I relize what a boring subjsect his really is to read about. UP YOURS READERS!

Friday, August 11, 2006

God's away on Buisness Just go and see the video and ignore the written words.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Scarecrow Man

The blue sky over head faded out as if the fluorescent stars had been smothered by a divine hand. The audience instantly bursted into an explotion of shrieks and applaus, which seamed to trigger a blinding light from behind a curtin just beyond the odd collection of instraments on stage. From the depths of light came four figures which slid through the dividing cutain, and took there postions with haste. As the last of the musitian's silhouettes became situated, a fith and final mass of black appraoched the threshold of the cutain. The silhouette appeared to be that of a collassal scare crow; with arms stretched out to his sides with his fingures spread-eagle. The 6'6" shadow burst through the curtain, and strutted forward to the center of the stage where Tom opened telling the audience to "Make it Rain."

Yes our good ol' pal Tom Waits played the other night at the Palace, playing some of his more new music for a packed audience that would have mad a concentration camp train cart look roomey. The drunken and exited audience made it difficult to hear what Tommy boy had to say between songs, but then again the man's voice is now the remaniscent of Captain Barbosa yelling with a throught full of loogies, making it hard to hear him eithor way. For those of you who are fans of Waits, and are familure with the song "Poor Edward," the voice he used in that is the same he used during the entire show. However waits operatic like growl did not take away from the show at all. It seemed stratigized to avoid his early sound, probably due to the lack of variation available in his tone. The set list included a good number of his latest songs, mostly from Real Gone; such as "Hoist that Rag," "Trampled Rose," "Circus," "Shake It," "Make it Rain," and had an encore of "Don't go into that Barn." (which featured the use of the massive Megaphone seen in the photo above.) Waits also played such songs as "November," "Falling Down," "Murder in the Red Barn," and "Going Out West."
So the night was a great one, and Tom gave it his all even taking time to enteract with the audience; telling them stories and making conversation. Even bringing up how his dog Chester loves bull penis. And though he forgot his own lyrics three times, the man was brilliant; and if he ever comes to town again, I highly encourage you to see his show.

Monday, August 07, 2006


So I'm just fucking around on the ol' web one night and finds out Coldplay's Chris Martin is a zombie in the movie Shaun of the Dead.... huh.

This is just so I don't lose this page

you don't have to look at it

Tom Waits Tonight!

I'll tell you more on the post that comes after the show.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bonnaroo Videos

so the bonaroo shows can be viewed in portions on the web! For those who missed out you should check 'um out. And Oysterhead's show is now available which everyone should see. It was a great show!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tim Alexander is a God

If any one feels that there is a better drummer than the O-Mighty Herb, view the video below and prepare to have that drummers ass kuicked. Long Live Herby!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Little Help From My Friends

Leo it was orignaly by Joe Cocker.... thats who you where thinking of

Monday, July 17, 2006

Bonnaroo Exclusives

I've been on a rampage trying to get videos and audio from this years Bonnaroo in hopes of saving some memmories, I found a couple and listed them here for the hopful. But sorry Nick there are no good videos of Radiohead. (a collection of Bonner videos.) (Les (Claypool's Fancy Band Show {48:34}, a good hunk of it, but not all of it for tracks refer to entry about set list from this show. )
(The lady under this flag became good pals with Brian on our first night at the 'Roo) (This is the most impresive by far. Its all the Shows [to my knowlege] audio you can download and burn onto a disks. HOWEVER I have yet to be able to download any of it. So if any of you solve it's misteries please explain them to me.)

More Tom Waits News

THE TOM WAITS SHOW IS SOLD OUT!!! So the tickets whent on sale on the 14th I think, at 10:00 a.m. (I made a mistake on time.) I got on the ol' web to purchase said ticket and found that at 10:02 they were already SOLD OUT for good seats. The only seats available were in the final row, and there were a few left. So I jumped on the band wagon, seconds after I got the notice that I had a ticket the site posted the harsh and bitter words sold out. So for those who can not attend, I'll try to videotape it if possible.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Primus Has another new Album on the way!

So as of curent news, Les and Tim have both announced that a Primus album has been postponed, but is deffinetly on the way. Les in a recent interview said that the album is there next full album with the "original" line up, (Tim, Les, and Ler.) They said it started by passing tapes around and just before the release of "Of Whales and Woe" the sucky trio got togethor and laid down some tracks for the anticipated album. It was origanilly schedualed for spring '06 then to late summer '06, but Les had to delay due to an expected touring for all his new projects. Tim and Les have clarified that the album is in need of some tweeking, but fans can expect the album to debut not to long after current Fancy Band tour in progress. The album is highly secritive, and no one has said on wheathor we can expect a return to early Primus sound, or the much new more expeiramentle jam band sound. It has been rumored however, that the album will reflect a mixture of the two as seen and heard on the Halucino-Genetics Tour.


So the man himself is coming to our own town! So I'm deffinetly going, but I found out some really IMPORTANT INFORMATION off the web.

-Tom Wait's shows are natoriouse for selling out in a matter of days after they go on sale.
-The show is August 7th at 8:00 at the Palace
-Its $55 per ticket
-Tickets are only available through Ticket Master
-Ticket will go on sale THIS THURSDAY (July 14) at 1:00 a.m.
-And there is a very nasty Rumor that this may be his FINAL TOUR! Few have speculated that he does large shows but dosn't much care for touring, so catch him while he passes by.

Hope to see both of yah there!

The Diamond Shines On No More (1946-2006)

Well as of the 7th, our good ol' pal Roger "Syd" Barrett passedd away do to a prolonged battle with diabetes. It is odd that I've had Terrapin stuck in my head all day. It's very sad news especially for those who worked or lived with him. He has been out of the lime light for some time so his demise comes with miled shock, or at least thats how I feel. But still, the legend and legacy of Syd was a great one, surouned in a haze of music and myth. I should think that he will still be the subject of many conversations to come, and still hold a high unworldy throne which will continue to inspire musicians, artists, and humaniterians alike. So though I feel some looming depretion with these bad tiddings, I do find comfort in the songs Shine On you Crazy Diamond(I & II) which now I have a hunch will glorify him even more in death than in life.

"....I fly above you, yes I do...."

Saturday, July 08, 2006

From somwhere over in the electricity

NO were in ENgland, and that why its cold, and why my skin feels extrodanaraly like a veiny electric veins in art done by that guy who works for tool. yeah, leo is playing some spontainius toon on the piany. His music transports me from any foriegn place imaginable to the next. first we are in a dry but damp England which was a lot like an Edward Gorey animation/picture. Like its gloomy and grey, and has an antmospheric tone symaler to thatpoem about the Fog, by Sandburg. Its hallow and cool, with a grimm feal simaler to that of a buggy carying a husband and wife through a hollow in the north east of America in the Rocoocoo period. Its sad like a drizzleing blue november. Or possibly green or purple. Yeah Leo now has brought me to THe Maggoty Mill, that kids pop up book that has all the Halloween related parafanaila jumping out at cha. THe piano is damb and I feel drenched in the emotion brought on by kids halloween specials, cool that feel as if they could occure any time of the year, but in a autumn-esque emotion. My arms are heavy as Leo's tunes bring us in the depts of a woods in the summer, with heavy air, thats bursting with the breath of a spector. I wear a bowller as the close the wooden pioneer style fence, GOd knows we don't need any fucking indians fucking our women tonight. the boffallow move as the silance falls like a black net thats used by ted nuget to catch miniutre hippos. Leo's basket ball bangs like the kids in wishbone episodes, which took place in a spring like cool. Its like a volcano, pumping pus like spew from its bowls, we are stuck in the halloweens specials for kids, especialy like boy boy meets world episodes when they where still kids. Like the rugrats and simpsons halloween christmas and chralie brown ! can't forget chralie-boy! halloween specials, or possibly like a turkey day special. I love when my hands become the hands of boris karloff as the monster of frankie man. Dude!



I recently scent in some art work to Les Claypool's website. Now if you go there and check out the numerouse banners over the news (you may have to go to differnt parts of the site and then return to news to see them) but one of my drawings was selected! The ol' Fat Tar Eye. Christian you remeber it, I did it in coach Nichole's class! One problem is I scent it in using my brother's e-mail so its subtitle is by Patrick, my brother.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Adam Gates Again

Adam did the illustrations for the Les Claypool DVD 5 Gallons of Diesal.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Story Time Again...

The evening was warm and tasted sweet due to the resedue of niccotine on the inner portion of my lips. I had the bitter taste that oddly reminded me of the color yellow in this region of my body for I had boarrowed a camel from Nick in the hopes that it would ease my placebo driven addiction to cigars. We for no apparent reason made our way up and down the long python of a two lane Bardstown. We shared stories from the past two weeks and examened the enviroment in which we stood. I had just consumed a 50 oz. cup of Gorilla Gulp Energy Soda, so I was capable of scoring a tutchdown against the New England Patriots, and then retiring to the locker room showers to pull the pud some fifty-hundred times. However I lacked both the football team and thier feild as well as it's facillitys, so I had to settle for walking aimlesly about the local vicinity. It reach the hour of nine and Nick's mother came with the car so that he could depart back homeward. I called my ride and found that my home number was buisy. So, I walked from Ear X-tacy down the road to my old pal' Christians; about a couple miles (if that) down the road. I reached his house around 9:22. I thought that I would be able to crash at his joint until the line cleared up. Unforchanetly, the lights where on, but no one answered the door. So I continued calling my home on the cell in my hand, and walked to the park. Finding about halfway down the hill to actualy be in the park itself I found that this particualr section of Cherokee park had no reception. I jogged. I jogged some enconcievable distance with cars zipping past and fireworks blasting in the distance, until my service returned. This was around two miles out of Cherokee. I kept a steady walk as I meandered through a rich neiborhood I was somewhat familure with. I passed homes that could have easily sheltered seven families of seven and the property could be used to build seven more of these baheamith shelters; but held rich fucking familys of four, with brown-nosing fathers and cheep alchohalic mothers who fuck the poolboy every afternoon, while Teddy jr. and Jennifer chat on their sidekicks about how Paris Hilton has "such a tight new song out!" This all goes on while some blue collar kids work their ass off to see Yarmuth elected and still find the time to work a shift and see some free time. But the rich snobs fallow blindly in the paths of thier parrents who shieth their children's eyes with portraits of a green Ben Franklin, symotaniously throwing all their chances of actual intelagence out the window. Now some two-hundred and seventy-seven feet beyond the the shatered glass and the open mindedness, across the green grass, which is watered and cut by some poor mexican named Julio, who just whanted to come to this country for the American Dream but instead had to settle for picking up Teddy jr.'s doberman's shit, there is me powerwalking down the side of the street. This is 10:00. I eventualy stop at the corner of Alta Vista rd. and Alta Vista way. where my brother comes and gets me. I get home and call Leo to see if he posseses my phone which would have prevented the evening where I got home 77% of the way on foot. He dosn't have it. So, If any of you know where my cell phone is please call me, I don't whant to walk home again. Anywho, the evening continued with me coming home and watching VH1's "Super Group" and then retiring to my bed room, where I watched the Big Labowski on Showtime, and hot glued some teeth into the head of my plastic human skull. After this I threw the hot glue gun into my sink for it was to hot to keep in my room, it would have probably started a fire. After the final credits had rolled on the dude, I turned to channel 99 to find out what was on next. After I found that the next film feature was not a porno, I decided to come downstairs and type up the experiances which started some twelve hours ago... it's 4:33, up now 4:34, and I have to wake up at 6:00 to help my family pack and prepare to move.... In all probablillity I'll spend 6:00 p.m. reading this to you all, at Christian's Ameba party tonight. Well, we'll see in another....14 1/2 hours.

Allways yours,
His Holyness The Drewbylama
July/?/o6 (4:38[I had to edit it])

Friday, June 30, 2006

A Better Tale from Bonnaroo

This is the set list from the Les Claypool Fancy Band show at Bonnaroo. Now I first wrote out the amazing story of how we aquired the set list, and while typing relized that we had a copy. What I think happened, Les or the techies made a copy for the sound technitian (who we got it from.) So my hope is that Les made the copy himself, and that is all that is origianl I'm sad to say. As of right now I am realy realy sad. I thought we had a one of a kind. But all we have is a zerox... : (

Growing Evidence

More proof that Cock's zombie walks umong us Primus freaks; Gates also has credits on their most recent DVD Halucino-Genetics Tour 2004 (jesus christ it's been three years!) Its 3:25 in the morning so I'm going to request that you the veiwers write jokes about a dead cock umong the living (bonus points for those who include extra elaments {rigamortise, certin latex articles, ect....})

Monday, June 26, 2006

Stavin' Chain