Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Don't Glimpse....

I want to slow it all down, breath easy for a while, take in the details and experience it all. I’m a man of the past and I vainly take advantage of the present. An adrenaline upheaval, kick it into gear, and give it all the gas we got. The problem with seizing the day, is that the day is a figment; leaving no impression but a somber memory of the way things once were. I’d like to walk between the raindrops, and admire every awkward stair and glance and fully address the minute aspects of our odd conversations. There isn’t enough time to feel every drop of air in my lungs, nor taste every concoction of air off the variety of pavements. Dissect it, and do all you can to understand and nurture every moment you’re given. If it’s all in the eye of the beholder, we need to let in more light! Push it, taste it, love it, fuck it, but don’t disregard it. We are in a glimpse of unobtainable beauty, a Mellon collie paradise in a half-life; we experience little and neglect the divine, and in the end, sad for loosing track of the time. We’re going to fast and the breaks are all broken, and the wheel’s pinning for some attention. We are at our prime, and it’s not ever going to be obtainable again. I’m gonna just drift for some time, kick it out of hyper-drive, twist on them tunes, and listen to you. I live to fast, so I’m gonna take it slow, breath clean for some time, or at least as much as I can. See between the molecules my friend, it’s amazing how much there is that we don’t experience. If I could I’d show you, but it’s all the more fun when you live it yourself…..Love, drew

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

200 Posts, and One Remembered Writer

So my computer died just before the twentyith so I wasn't able to cellibrate the life and legacy of our Hunter S. Thompson. But this 200th post is in dedication to him, and was ment to be posted on the 3rd anniversary of his death. Hunter, it's sad to know your gone, but we'll always remember you, you crazy mother fucker....

This final shot is a fire lit by his wife on the 20th. Thousands of people lit a fire of some kind at 6pm to remmember Hunter. You can see more images of the many who scent in images of their fire and cellibration at .

Friday, February 16, 2007

Wax on Wacks off

Read the Great Gatsby,

it's like somone stole my brain.

My ass is hot and sweaty....

god damn heaters... just make you hot and cold

fuck shaque!
Say What Drew!, I love that hunk-o-chocolate!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Note to self

Don't drum so hard.....

Saturday, February 03, 2007