Friday, June 03, 2005

Thoughts of a superior being

Brianisatree: quite so good chap'
ltowlies biatch: and we shall arange plans for that nigle charictor, while ridding bikes and pointing our fingures out and laughing,we shall ubserve the donkey counterpart and undo the crutiole juggerknot which mounts before us. His mamoth sternim which gives thought unto being passive agressive, like a seagul which flies west. We shall mimic the cericulem and spell very wrong, ol chap we will ubserve things not ment to be seen by mear mortals, and i can't tell whethor my head phones are sliding off my head or if the song is slowly fading out too its end. The reluctent figures shal whoo with glee and sarrow as that cubin child powerd machine makes its way to florda.Thoughts for the ameba, that was for you guys, i love u, this rambleing is for you.

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