Saturday, July 23, 2005

COLDPLAY; Good or Bad

Becouse i was bored tonight i decided to type up a quick little article, questioning is the renowned supreme brown day band actually all that amazing. recently have purchasing the latest album by this British wonder-band,(X&Y) I can't help to think; is a little of coldplay actualy enough? The other day i relized that ican't listen to the new X&Y w/out stoping a little past the title track, or skipping a few songs. At the start of the summer i cought the music video speed of sound on tv, "thats pritty good" i thought, probably the exact thoughts i had when i heard Clocks or the scientist.
If you know me i have a concept that i share w/ most of you of brown days; this concept originated from multiple mood altering mixes i made. The highlights of which tended to be coldplay. Usually the final track would be coldplay, infact three songs repeat as the final tracks on multiple mixs'. These are, Yellow, The Scientist, and of coarse the infamouse Clocks. Leo knows and has heard me play multiple songs including these on my Brown day mixs'. I recently showed him speed of sound, he in the end gave the same reaction as alaways when it comes to coldplay-saying nothing(usualy this means he didn't care for it of it was eh)
When i asked him why he didn't care for them he said, "Coldplay usually sounds the same to me, they tend to all have big hits that all sound simaler."
I don't know if i reacted but i did ponder his notion- later on i listened to speed of sound. Then i relized it sounded very famileire, then i relized speed of sound has multiple musicle sections that are almost exact to that of Clocks!

I'm not going to go into depth at all but if u wish to question me on this notion about the two being the same say something on comments and i'll answer you.

Anywho Leo also menchaned that Coldplay was a good band but due to corprate music producers and managers, bands are philtered and are told what notes to play and what sounds good. Forcing them to write songs that as the bosses predict, should be hits. I hope this is the case w/ coldplay, instead of being good ending songs for mixes. Lets hope they are just not so musicly fucked up that they can only play things that are comphterble in the ways of notes and rythems. X&Y is very repeditive if you give it a good listen. However one song i feel is possably the one of the greateset brown day songs, fuck it even if it has the problem w/ being repeditive, but it still is very good. Chris of the band has said multiple times that it is possably the most important song they've ever done...I agree. Its called Fix You. Now to answere the question, it all depends, coldplay is good in small docesus, but still proceed to be very good and very popular. But PRIMUS still kicks their fucking scrawny british asses!

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Becca said...

i like coldplay...
but i can agree with what you said about small doses.. too much at once is just... too much. ;)