Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Beuty of the Fast

Its all in the perspective of the first person, to each his own and so-on and so-forth. But the real beuty that can never be tamed is the most beutiful of all. It isn't lazy, but it is relaxed, with some song lound and pulsing, with lights flashing everywhere. Its all in the beuty of the fast that truley holds life, and a glimpse of adolescent imagination and emotion. As we travle through life its understandible to foget so much, but when we are most alive, we catch glimpses in recolection, a car ziping past, a street light and its illuminatin carona, a glimpse from a friend, a scent of fresh air...color, a breeze and a quick laugh, that could have easily accelrated into hystericle rantings shared by old friends... and a quick shutter, perfection only experianced by the fast... lets go fast...

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