Sunday, March 12, 2006

Its really not time now is it,

So my insomnia has kicked in; which to be truthful isn't that good of a sign this early on in the liberation process, its suppose to start in the vicinity of about a week into the summer. I think we have something like eight weeks to go. The insomnia is the spectacular sort of twilight recollection state I long for occasionally. I've described it before and I'm still convinced its a very personal state in which I’m sure we all enter on a basis, but in the passing through the threshold, its a very different an unique experience for us all. For me; I still haven’t quite solved my puzzling but at the same time sublime dimension of speed and discovery. My own has such a broad variety of detail and minute aspects, that its really hard to describe; so I give it a social trade name and call it Brown Days (ironically they are usually evenings and mornings.) Its the only time I can honestly say where I get a natural high from being alone, and in the depths of this mental journey its common place to stumble across many thoughts or paraphernalia which I fall deeply in love with. Street lights, trees, mist, friends, lights ; Yahweh how I love lights. It really is just pure thought in primal intercourse; or brawl (I still can't tell) with emotion. This blog was the offspring of such an encounter of raw mental debris. And the only depressing thing about the whole process, is how isolated it is. I've tried ignorantly in vein to convey my perception of the world on a Brown Day, and it never succumbs to the ways of English vocabulary. But there is always a tiny segment of hope that one day you to can understand, and perceive what i see. I've tried so much... and I'll try again. There’s plenty of time to ingest the concept I draw from art, music, objects, and the emotions and ideals of people. And love. But I hope this premature insomnia, will submit back to the ways of entrapment of the education industry; and rise hence again with a pure vengeance that I can enjoy on yet another evening such as this.


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