Saturday, April 22, 2006

David Gilmour and his Disturbing Stare

I didn't catch the performance on tv, but it lives in infamy on the nbc website. Enjoy Mr. Gilmour, a Walrus-man back-up singer, and a croud of middle age fucks who I'd enjoy see beeing sodimized by a gagle of leemours on coke. You have your selection of Wish You Were Here and On An Island. Besides this, you get a gut wrenching nausia as the elderly guitar player/ singer stares at you in a demented fation that becones your hand to place a revolver in your mouth. Enoy

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Anonymous said...

The black empty voids of his eyes filled my soul with the damp withering feeling of a cod fish. I curled into a ever shrinking curl as i saw black. Right as i went into the depths of the infinite abyss of his spell I Magnificently emerged and came back to myself.
That god for piggies.

May the silver-backs battle.