Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Scarecrow Man

The blue sky over head faded out as if the fluorescent stars had been smothered by a divine hand. The audience instantly bursted into an explotion of shrieks and applaus, which seamed to trigger a blinding light from behind a curtin just beyond the odd collection of instraments on stage. From the depths of light came four figures which slid through the dividing cutain, and took there postions with haste. As the last of the musitian's silhouettes became situated, a fith and final mass of black appraoched the threshold of the cutain. The silhouette appeared to be that of a collassal scare crow; with arms stretched out to his sides with his fingures spread-eagle. The 6'6" shadow burst through the curtain, and strutted forward to the center of the stage where Tom opened telling the audience to "Make it Rain."

Yes our good ol' pal Tom Waits played the other night at the Palace, playing some of his more new music for a packed audience that would have mad a concentration camp train cart look roomey. The drunken and exited audience made it difficult to hear what Tommy boy had to say between songs, but then again the man's voice is now the remaniscent of Captain Barbosa yelling with a throught full of loogies, making it hard to hear him eithor way. For those of you who are fans of Waits, and are familure with the song "Poor Edward," the voice he used in that is the same he used during the entire show. However waits operatic like growl did not take away from the show at all. It seemed stratigized to avoid his early sound, probably due to the lack of variation available in his tone. The set list included a good number of his latest songs, mostly from Real Gone; such as "Hoist that Rag," "Trampled Rose," "Circus," "Shake It," "Make it Rain," and had an encore of "Don't go into that Barn." (which featured the use of the massive Megaphone seen in the photo above.) Waits also played such songs as "November," "Falling Down," "Murder in the Red Barn," and "Going Out West."
So the night was a great one, and Tom gave it his all even taking time to enteract with the audience; telling them stories and making conversation. Even bringing up how his dog Chester loves bull penis. And though he forgot his own lyrics three times, the man was brilliant; and if he ever comes to town again, I highly encourage you to see his show.

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