Monday, November 20, 2006

A Quick Tom Waits Tale

I gotta go to Ohio, I'll be back friday... I think? But anywho real fast, my mom whent to pick up my preordered Tom Waits album today, the new one: Orphans. And anywho by mistake, the guy behind the counter mistook me for another person who had preordered and handded her a limited edition version, worth around $60 or more (depending on where you go) and charged her the reguler price. So, on toop of it being the new album and limited edition, it's signed by Tom Waits! Thought you may get a simmiler kick out of it that I got. Hoho, sorry I didn't talk to you Christian, I forgot I was Leaving right after school. Hope your doing well- PEAce out!

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sarah said...

Hmm... how to post, how to post? I'm really no good at this. But since I find this "dire" I thought I might as well give it a shot. About the POTUS cards.... well if you need help I might be able to give you some advice, because I finished the first 15 in about 2 hours. So maybe I could give you some pointers? Or maybe I'm just under-doing them. Shrug. Oh, and I only called because I was on break at work and the manager was driving me absolutely crazy! Me and the other girls working are plotting to kill her. Grr. But anyway, that was it. Hope your thanksgiving was at least "eh" too. Talk to you later.