Monday, January 15, 2007

Recipe, From Somwhere In TV Land, pt. 3

10% white wine+ 13% French ligure= a whhhhoooollle lotta fun!

FUCK Jared.....fat fuck, more meat is more important than less fat you off diet fuck. The goths at bonnaroo let me know... yeah they turned you in. Sang like shiva damn cannaries! You've let us all down. But not as much as Chompy has.....damn cruisaders. Hmm, Cruisaders, cheerleaders, cheers, norm, dani davito, midget penis, jackass 2, anal seepage, Johnny Depps acting career, made up language, the residents, constantinople, first money trade, Hamilton, Hamilton died in a duel.....GASP! THE GRASSY KNOWEL! It's time to get Leary, I'm too close to the truth, I need to turn out! Like Timmy when he had too much of the chilling

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lucie said...

so just mistyped your blog URL and it took me to some "Abundant Bible" website. yeah.
i have a breifcase for you if you like.