Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Though the Eyes of a Bafoon

So, just to be clear for those of you who I intend to read this; it is the poem/lyrics for a song I'd like to write. To all memmbers of whatever that band where in, I'd like for you to think of a song part we could build around this Lewis Caroll-esck poem. Also, I personaly was thinking of the parts (especially the breack downs) of the songs "Pseudo Suicide" and "Army's On Ecstasy," so if you could attempt to be inspired by these parts I'd appreciate it. Also if there are any suggestions no matter how brutal, PLEASE let me know; for I'm not fully satisfied with it as it is right now. Anyway here they are:

Tell me now my Con-con,
Has the shell began to plummet?
Or shall we air yet again,
The brothers reduced to their summit?

Has Hal’ and boys cleaned up their toys,
And swept ’neath the rug,
To keep me from looking like another
Economic thieving thug?

Politics is my game,
And I play fairly well.
Tis a shame for you all,
I’m manifesting an earthly hell!

(Insert some crazy frantic instrumental part here.)

Now gentlemen beware,
This scapegoat in the East.
We’ll capture ol’ ‘dam,
Then dissect his yeast.

(It should be noted that this next paragraph I really don’t like, and I’m looking for suggestions.)
May I have your attention,
From my lying vessel,
I’ll divert your attention briefly,
As Chaney and I wrestle.

Now Rumsfeld remove,
That boy’s finger from that dyke!
Tis a filthy habit,
To be involved with the homo like.
(keep in mind that the dyke is a metaphor/joke for Iraq’s instability, and is making fun of Bush’s dislike for the homosexual type.)

Now as the water breaches,
And chaos in Iraq ensues,
I’ll ironically avert my eyes,
From the drowning city of blues.

Think it’s about that time,
To retreat to the ranch.
In hopes to avoid Iran,
I’ll instead saw off this branch.

I'm honestly looking for suggestions, becouse I'm very aware that its dosn't flow with sylbols. If you have a suggestion send it my way. And Like I said to my fellow band mates, keep those two songs by Oysterhead in mind, for I was thinking about their style and rythm as I wrote it.

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Anonymous said...

yes yes very nice
feel free to use the whole name and say 'saddam', it doesnt ruin the rhythm in that part i dont think