Monday, October 02, 2006


When you were a kid did you ever put corn over your teeth and act like a pirate or a pimp? Did anyone here ever concider as a child exactly what time was? Was anyone ever better off as an adult? And why does it have to require a mature adult to allow children to exist? Why is it that we can't maintain our youthful innocence? Why do we neglect the pure joy which could be found in virtouly nothing as we get older? And why does it seam that I've never really grown up? Why do we concern our selves with the most minute aspects of our imperfections? Does anyone take the time to just play a game anymore? Why is it that we can't concider a child's imature nature as something far more brilliant and inspired making it far more mature than discussing important matters? I really don't whant any negative feed back, but I was thinking about human ideas of what was good. And I in all honesty just what positive notes from both of you. O, and just so I can figure this out besides Lucy and Christian (unless they wish to perticipate) leave a comment if you actualy even visit this blog-o-my' know just for shits and giggles.

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