Saturday, December 23, 2006

Gabby La La said she may come back!

On Gabby La la's website she recently stated that she was looking for places to tour in 2007, I scent in an e-mail just in case, advicating a trip to louisville, she had this responce:

Dear Drew,thank you so much for writing to me!It is really fun to travel around and visit new places...Travelling with theClaypool is much lovelier than doing it myself, I am sad to say that that ispart of the reason I don't get out much. I will try to visit Louisville again!Any suggestions of venues? I like to play at a knitting store or candy storetoo! Maybey a BBQ spot?happy Holidays,Gabby La La

So if any of you guys can think of any place around that supplies all three e-mail her, or at least let me know so I can e-mail her.