Monday, October 02, 2006


I'm looking for some people to write in what they know or whant to know about the theory of Brown Days. Spread the word, for I'd really like to hear some thoughts on it and mabey get some sureabral fluids flowing, get some ideas jotted down, and I'd like to use it for the purpose of plaigerizing or collabrotive work on a number of projects I'm currently planning. I whant to know music, imagery, beliefs, personal connections/expieriances, and anything else you got! Please spread the word to anyone/everyone you know who can/could participate! Thanks... w/out doller one to spend..... and a home comming queen.

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Anonymous said...

A brown day is like the painting in your mind of what your world would be like in a perefect world....or a sketch of what happened in the past brought up through the piles of shit, wiped of and then cryed over.....always with a smile and laughter. A brown day is something like a person rushing by you, that once they pass you and you catch the scent of a person from long ago, you turn around to greet them with a loving hug.....but have found that they have disappeared. It leaves you with a feeling of complete depression but euphoric happiness all together (wrapped in a bubbly hole in your stomach). its like dayshavoo about the past in the new form of a memory being played by you in a scene of a movie. brown days are an orgasm of the mind, they leave you wanting more from life....and leave you with a sense that everything is all right...people are all chill....and the world will never actually explode.