Monday, October 02, 2006

Let's See....

Let's see, could it possibly be that we nee a cleansing? Not of the racial genocide, but rather simply just a good cleaning of our selves; the people we are, and what we stand for as individuals. Have we lost our innocents through exposure, or is it that we let the exposure dwindle our child like tendencies. Let's all consider things not from a perspective of another being, but rather the unknown that hasn't been chartered in the minds of a mortal. We rely on posetions to the extent that we require others to keep us from being lonely. Which I can understand, spending nights out meeting ol' pals and catching up with a Mellon collie tear in your eye. WE shouldn't need this bitter-sweet satisfaction, but we do need a new perspective. A more progressive view that offers no expansion knowledge-wise other than you are capable of regaining happiness through simple acts that don't need to defend themselves with in-depth purpose rather than just to provide joy. Think about filtering all the reality around you, and looking at reality as if it were a child’s story. Unnecessary, and yet possibly the most relevant and required perspective in these harsh times that are in need of a good slaphappy laugh that has no punch line to cue it. Look at the spectrum in a new light, and consider that we don't need all this, just simplicity that can provide imaginative thoughts that would put any overexposed scientist or theologian to shame. Just smile once in a while, for no reason except that you are happy for a reason just as unexisting.

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