Monday, July 17, 2006

Bonnaroo Exclusives

I've been on a rampage trying to get videos and audio from this years Bonnaroo in hopes of saving some memmories, I found a couple and listed them here for the hopful. But sorry Nick there are no good videos of Radiohead. (a collection of Bonner videos.) (Les (Claypool's Fancy Band Show {48:34}, a good hunk of it, but not all of it for tracks refer to entry about set list from this show. )
(The lady under this flag became good pals with Brian on our first night at the 'Roo) (This is the most impresive by far. Its all the Shows [to my knowlege] audio you can download and burn onto a disks. HOWEVER I have yet to be able to download any of it. So if any of you solve it's misteries please explain them to me.)

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