Saturday, July 08, 2006

From somwhere over in the electricity

NO were in ENgland, and that why its cold, and why my skin feels extrodanaraly like a veiny electric veins in art done by that guy who works for tool. yeah, leo is playing some spontainius toon on the piany. His music transports me from any foriegn place imaginable to the next. first we are in a dry but damp England which was a lot like an Edward Gorey animation/picture. Like its gloomy and grey, and has an antmospheric tone symaler to thatpoem about the Fog, by Sandburg. Its hallow and cool, with a grimm feal simaler to that of a buggy carying a husband and wife through a hollow in the north east of America in the Rocoocoo period. Its sad like a drizzleing blue november. Or possibly green or purple. Yeah Leo now has brought me to THe Maggoty Mill, that kids pop up book that has all the Halloween related parafanaila jumping out at cha. THe piano is damb and I feel drenched in the emotion brought on by kids halloween specials, cool that feel as if they could occure any time of the year, but in a autumn-esque emotion. My arms are heavy as Leo's tunes bring us in the depts of a woods in the summer, with heavy air, thats bursting with the breath of a spector. I wear a bowller as the close the wooden pioneer style fence, GOd knows we don't need any fucking indians fucking our women tonight. the boffallow move as the silance falls like a black net thats used by ted nuget to catch miniutre hippos. Leo's basket ball bangs like the kids in wishbone episodes, which took place in a spring like cool. Its like a volcano, pumping pus like spew from its bowls, we are stuck in the halloweens specials for kids, especialy like boy boy meets world episodes when they where still kids. Like the rugrats and simpsons halloween christmas and chralie brown ! can't forget chralie-boy! halloween specials, or possibly like a turkey day special. I love when my hands become the hands of boris karloff as the monster of frankie man. Dude!


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