Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Diamond Shines On No More (1946-2006)

Well as of the 7th, our good ol' pal Roger "Syd" Barrett passedd away do to a prolonged battle with diabetes. It is odd that I've had Terrapin stuck in my head all day. It's very sad news especially for those who worked or lived with him. He has been out of the lime light for some time so his demise comes with miled shock, or at least thats how I feel. But still, the legend and legacy of Syd was a great one, surouned in a haze of music and myth. I should think that he will still be the subject of many conversations to come, and still hold a high unworldy throne which will continue to inspire musicians, artists, and humaniterians alike. So though I feel some looming depretion with these bad tiddings, I do find comfort in the songs Shine On you Crazy Diamond(I & II) which now I have a hunch will glorify him even more in death than in life.

"....I fly above you, yes I do...."

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