Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Primus Has another new Album on the way!

So as of curent news, Les and Tim have both announced that a Primus album has been postponed, but is deffinetly on the way. Les in a recent interview said that the album is there next full album with the "original" line up, (Tim, Les, and Ler.) They said it started by passing tapes around and just before the release of "Of Whales and Woe" the sucky trio got togethor and laid down some tracks for the anticipated album. It was origanilly schedualed for spring '06 then to late summer '06, but Les had to delay due to an expected touring for all his new projects. Tim and Les have clarified that the album is in need of some tweeking, but fans can expect the album to debut not to long after current Fancy Band tour in progress. The album is highly secritive, and no one has said on wheathor we can expect a return to early Primus sound, or the much new more expeiramentle jam band sound. It has been rumored however, that the album will reflect a mixture of the two as seen and heard on the Halucino-Genetics Tour.

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