Sunday, July 02, 2006

Story Time Again...

The evening was warm and tasted sweet due to the resedue of niccotine on the inner portion of my lips. I had the bitter taste that oddly reminded me of the color yellow in this region of my body for I had boarrowed a camel from Nick in the hopes that it would ease my placebo driven addiction to cigars. We for no apparent reason made our way up and down the long python of a two lane Bardstown. We shared stories from the past two weeks and examened the enviroment in which we stood. I had just consumed a 50 oz. cup of Gorilla Gulp Energy Soda, so I was capable of scoring a tutchdown against the New England Patriots, and then retiring to the locker room showers to pull the pud some fifty-hundred times. However I lacked both the football team and thier feild as well as it's facillitys, so I had to settle for walking aimlesly about the local vicinity. It reach the hour of nine and Nick's mother came with the car so that he could depart back homeward. I called my ride and found that my home number was buisy. So, I walked from Ear X-tacy down the road to my old pal' Christians; about a couple miles (if that) down the road. I reached his house around 9:22. I thought that I would be able to crash at his joint until the line cleared up. Unforchanetly, the lights where on, but no one answered the door. So I continued calling my home on the cell in my hand, and walked to the park. Finding about halfway down the hill to actualy be in the park itself I found that this particualr section of Cherokee park had no reception. I jogged. I jogged some enconcievable distance with cars zipping past and fireworks blasting in the distance, until my service returned. This was around two miles out of Cherokee. I kept a steady walk as I meandered through a rich neiborhood I was somewhat familure with. I passed homes that could have easily sheltered seven families of seven and the property could be used to build seven more of these baheamith shelters; but held rich fucking familys of four, with brown-nosing fathers and cheep alchohalic mothers who fuck the poolboy every afternoon, while Teddy jr. and Jennifer chat on their sidekicks about how Paris Hilton has "such a tight new song out!" This all goes on while some blue collar kids work their ass off to see Yarmuth elected and still find the time to work a shift and see some free time. But the rich snobs fallow blindly in the paths of thier parrents who shieth their children's eyes with portraits of a green Ben Franklin, symotaniously throwing all their chances of actual intelagence out the window. Now some two-hundred and seventy-seven feet beyond the the shatered glass and the open mindedness, across the green grass, which is watered and cut by some poor mexican named Julio, who just whanted to come to this country for the American Dream but instead had to settle for picking up Teddy jr.'s doberman's shit, there is me powerwalking down the side of the street. This is 10:00. I eventualy stop at the corner of Alta Vista rd. and Alta Vista way. where my brother comes and gets me. I get home and call Leo to see if he posseses my phone which would have prevented the evening where I got home 77% of the way on foot. He dosn't have it. So, If any of you know where my cell phone is please call me, I don't whant to walk home again. Anywho, the evening continued with me coming home and watching VH1's "Super Group" and then retiring to my bed room, where I watched the Big Labowski on Showtime, and hot glued some teeth into the head of my plastic human skull. After this I threw the hot glue gun into my sink for it was to hot to keep in my room, it would have probably started a fire. After the final credits had rolled on the dude, I turned to channel 99 to find out what was on next. After I found that the next film feature was not a porno, I decided to come downstairs and type up the experiances which started some twelve hours ago... it's 4:33, up now 4:34, and I have to wake up at 6:00 to help my family pack and prepare to move.... In all probablillity I'll spend 6:00 p.m. reading this to you all, at Christian's Ameba party tonight. Well, we'll see in another....14 1/2 hours.

Allways yours,
His Holyness The Drewbylama
July/?/o6 (4:38[I had to edit it])

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